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Carol Brouillet

A Voice for Eco-social Justice,
Truth & Human Sovereignty!

Carol believes we must end the rule of Big Banking, Big Defense, Big Oil, Big Agrobiz and all the other megacorporations that now control our land. Help her fight Big domination and put citizens back in power. READ CAROL'S BIO >>

CA-18 Candidates Debate PDF Print E-mail

Full Recording of The California 18th Congressional District Debate - May 10, 2012

Candidates: Carol Brouillet, Green; Dave Chapman, GOP; Anna Eshoo, Dem (Incumbent); William Parks, Dem

June 5 Action Alert: Please Vote! PDF Print E-mail

Your vote in the June 5th primary is essential this year because of the changes in the California law concerning primaries. 

Congressional and State-wide races now have an 'open primary,'  which means that you can vote for any candidate without regard to party HOWEVER only the top two vote-getters will advance to the November ballot. Clearly the intent is to silence third party candidates.

That means that I must either come in first or second on June 5th or I am barred from running in November.  Please remember to go to the polls on June 5 and vote for me.
It is important to our district and nation that we hold our incumbent's feet to the fire: where is the push to prosecute those responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown, the largest transfer of wealth in history? Why isn't our representative leading a charge to reform a monetary system that is exacerbating the divide between rich and poor?  Where is the outrage from our incumbent on the use of drones?  Why isn't our incumbent introducing legislation to reduce our military presence across the globe rather than voting for appropriations to give the military even more money?  

Having me, a Green Party candidate, running head-to-head with our incumbent Democratic who has favored corporate interests over people will draw attention to all the issues that the pro-war, pro-corporate parties want us to ignore.  This can only happen if you go out and vote for me on June 5.  A vote for Carol Brouillet on June 5 is a vote for peace, for a reduced military, for corporate accountability, for the freedoms that we cherish as Americans.

We look forward to your support,

Carol Brouillet

"Free Money!" - Join the Party! PDF Print E-mail

An exhortation and an offer...

Green Party Party...

Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, we had a great time in the May Fete Parade in downtown Palo Alto with our Green Party Party float. We won the Mayor's Award and passed out lots of our beautiful money and literature to the crowds.  A big thanks to those who helped create the float and were in the parade! We'll be passing out more money this week, precinct walking, please join us!

Brouillet Campaign Dollar

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